Thursday, October 11, 2012

Delays and updates

I "am" working on more content to fill up this blog, but the whole "Dad by day" bit is what prevents a lot of progress in that regard. I have two awesome and high energy children, ages one and three-and-a-half. The boy is very physical and the girl is very intellectual, so they have not only different age related needs, but also my approach to playing / educating has to change dynamically. As a result of all of that (and cleaning the house, cooking the meals, etc, etc), I am mentally and physically exhausted by the end of any given day. (It doesn't help that my one year old believes that 3:30am is "I'm up for the morning!" time)

Anyways, excuses, blah blah... expect "something" to be posted soon. And this update holds me accountable to that. Right? I'll consult my daughter and get back to you... ;)

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